Some Home Remedies For Shingles

Home Remedies For Shingles

The Shingles virus is described or defined as a condition popularly known for being a re-appearance of the Chicken Pox virus. This usually occurs after a patient might have recovered from the Chicken Pox virus. The condition is also described by medical practitioners as eruptions along a nerve path often accompanied by severe neuralgia. There are a couple of home remedies for shingles I will be sharing with you in this article; and I am sure you will find them highly effective too.

Natural Treatment For ShinglesOne of the early symptoms or signs of this condition is a painful rash that usually appears; and this could lead to a lot of discomforts. In other words, the condition could be highly unpleasant, thereby leading to intense itchiness. This article includes some home remedies for shingles that are highly effective.

Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize the need to keep all areas infected by the shingles virus as clean as possible as this could go a long way in making the remedies highly effective. I know how itchy the infected part could be; but it is advisable to resist complicating things by scratching it.

Baking Soda Bath

One of the most effective natural cures for shingles is the Baking Soda bath. Experience has shown that adding baking soda in the bath tub can help bring a lot of relief to people suffering from shingles. The second part of this treatment is to add it to lukewarm bath and have a thorough bath that will last for about 15 minutes or thereabout. For effective result, you must avoid drying up with a towel as this could aggravate the blisters. This method is highly effective just as other home remedies for shingles virus that have been included in this article; however, you must be careful to adhere to every instruction.

Mint Leaves And Nail Polish Remover

The infected area of the body sure needs some coolant in order to relieve pains; and that is why the use of Mint leaves and Nail Polish remover is one of the best home remedies for shingles nerve pain. Simply make about 3 or 4 mint leaves into a paste, and apply same on the rash as well as the blisters. You could also add nail polish remover because it helps to speed up the healing process. Please ensure you rinse the surface of the area for a couple of minutes; and also be sure to repeat this treatment a couple of times every day until there is an improvement.

Aloe Vera Gel & Raw Honey

Aloe Vera Gel and Raw Honey is also among the most effective home remedies for shingles itch available today. The essence of Aloe Vera for treating this condition is to enable cooling of the skin, and also provide additional cure for shingles. One major reason why most people prefer this when talking about home remedies for shingles is the fact that you can also blend it with raw organic Honey. The result may not be instant, but it will surely help you get better eventually.

Ice Pack Or Wet Cloth

Right from the start of this article, I did explain that there are various home remedies for shingles that one can use; and one of the highly effective ones is using ice pack. Apply a wet cloth or a cold pack might also help bring some soothing relieves to you. This helps to bring an almost instant relief from whatever pain you are going through.

Actually there are several highly effective home remedies for shingles that can be used. Some have the potentials to bring instant relieves, while others may lead to effective cure of the condition.


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