Learn The Secret Behind Natural Treatment for Shingles on Face

Natural Treatment for Shingles on Face

Unlike most articles about natural treatment for shingles on face, this one isn’t all about going into vaccines and talking about preventive measures only. In fact, to know shingles better, you’re going to have to identify various things associated with this disease. What causes shingles? Using lavender oil for shingles is a feasible solution or not? What are the most effective steps for stopping shingles from spreading?

Such questions and many others will be answered in details through this article:

What is Shingles?

Varicella Zoster is basically an acute form of virus which causes shingles to grow on different parts of the body. The diseased/ infected formation is patchy and could attack any area, regardless of specifications etc. However, facial shingles, abdominal shingles and back shingles are the worst in kind.

Shingles occurs mostly in cases where the patient has exhibited a mild or serious case of chicken pox sometime before. There is not enough medical evidence to prove whether shingles occurs right after a short duration of chicken pox treatment or within the life of a person at a much later stage.

How Contagious is Shingles?

Contagiousness of this disease depends on a lot of things. For instance, a person carrying shingles, if he/she remain unhygienic and does care a lot about personal cleanliness, can cause the disease to spread like fire in a haystack. After all, shingles is a viral disease, therefore its chances of spreading are 50 – 50.

If you’ve had chicken pox before, you have more tendencies to contract shingles from a carrier. However, if you didn’t have chicken pox and you remained in contact with a shingles carrier, you are more likely to have chicken pox infection as a result of contamination.

How to Make a Natural Treatment for Shingles?

Natural treatment for shingles is usually sought by people who are looking to get rid of facial infection. Other cases for natural treatment for shingles is desired by people who have had their visible body parts infected with this disease.

Natural Treatment for Shingles on Face:

Natural treatment for shingles on face has a number of steps involved in it. Likewise, there is not a specific treatment that’s supposed to be followed by everyone. For instance, your body chemistry and toxin release level might be different than others.

Therefore, it is always better to consult with a shingles treatment expert before proceeding with any preventive/ treatment measures. Above all, know this that if you failed to properly treat your shingles, it will have adverse side effects on your body. The area will appear to be black, heinous in appearance and a long term source of embarrassment for you. So proceed at your own risk.

Natural treatment for shingles on face begins with a mixture of half cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of plain water. With a cotton swab, apply this solution to the infected areas of your face. Lightly apply the solution in upward motion in order to ensure thorough application. Let it dry for a while and then wash your face again with water. Also, you can try mixing 100% pure honey, aloe vera gel or leek juice for better results, since facial skin is very sensitive and readily responds to an effective treatment process.

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