Effective Home Treatment For Shingles

Home Treatment For Shingles

Before actually going to specific details on some effective home treatment for shingles, it is important to explain what the condition is, as well as likely causes. Shingles is an infection that occurs in the body when the varicella virus popularly known as Chicken Pox reactivates at a later stage of its attack. Shingles usually attacks adults that are mostly above the age of 50. This usually occurs as a result of a weakened immune system in the adult.

Shingles Explained

Shingles or Herpes zoster is a viral disease usually characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters. The virus or diseases is usually restricted to a specific area of the body; and is often in a stripe. Shingles doesn’t just appear on the skin; it is actually a reoccurrence triggered by an earlier infection popularly called Chicken Pox.

What are the early signs of shingles? Perhaps, the most popular and visible signs of shingles is the appearing of pain on specific part of the body. This is soon followed by rash of blisters, which normally causes severe itching and pain to the person affected. Though, there are several cures for shingles including the ones being prescribed by doctors; it is important to explore home treatment for shingles rash for prompt and lasting results. So, what is the best home treatment for shingles?

What Is The Most Effective Home Treatment For Shingles?

Like I said earlier, there are several treatments for shingles, and I will simply go ahead to explain some of them before emphasising a particular treatment that is highly effective. Some of the common natural treatments being used by people include the following; Baking Soda bath, the Mint leaves and Nail Polish remover, Aloe Vera Gel and Raw Honey, the Lemon Balm, and a host of others. There are lots of very useful articles online on home treatment skin rash; and this is one is particularly put together to help you get over it without stress.

Home Treatment For Shingles – Baking Soda Bath

This is an option that most people suffering from shingles should consider using for prompt and effective cure. This home treatment for shingles can be used by simply adding baking soda in the bath tub. Add baking soda into lukewarm water, and have a thorough bath that lasts for about 15 minutes. Please avoid using a towel to dry the affected area up as this could lead to some complications.

Mint Leaves and Nail Polish Remover

This home treatment for hives can be used as coolant to relieve the pain that usually comes with shingles. All you need to do is make three or four mint leaves into a paste, and apply it on the blisters or rash a couple of times every day. Rinsing the affected area is also necessary for maximum effect.

Home Treatment For Shingles – Aloe Vera Gel & Raw Honey

One home treatment for shingles worth considering is Aloe Vera Gel and Raw Honey. This is necessary considering the flexibility of this treatment; you can either blend it with raw organic honey or apply it on the surface of the affected part to enable it cool. Aloe Vera is an effective home treatment for shingles that offers soothing relief.

You might also wish to try placing a wet cloth or ice pack on the affected part since it also helps to bring a soothing relief. Shingles can be very itchy and painful, and this might call for use of wet cloth or ice pack to cushion the effect.

Home Treatment For Shingles – Lemon Balm

Most people have spoken of lemon balm being the most effective home treatment for shingles; to an extent, this could be true considering how useful lemon is. Over the year, lemon has been proven to be one of the most effective means of treating illness and virus because it has the potential of boosting the immune system. Also, lemon is said to contain lots of Vitamin C, and can also help stem the spread of the shingles virus. Lemon can be used either by drinking or by simply applying it to the burning skin. For those who choose to drink it; it can be taken either warm or cold. For best result, it is advisable to drink lemon as many times as possible in a day.

Home treatment rash requires a lot of understanding, and shouldn’t just be applied without finding out a few things about the virus. To ensure you find a home treatment for shingles pain that works just fine for you, ensure you read a couple of articles online.

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