Does Shingles Vaccine Really Work?

When we talk about shingles treatment, there are all kinds of possibilities to it. There are shingles vaccines, there’s this so-called collection of natural treatment for shingles on face and so on and so forth. In a way, as long as there are going to be unfortunate people infected with this disease, there is always going to a new and improved shingles treatment out there.

What is Shingles?

Before moving on to other topics of interest, such as; shingles vaccine, shingles vaccine side effects and natural shingles treatment, it is important to know about this disease. In a nutshell, shingles is a viral contamination, which causes the skin to grow rashes and small boils in an irregular formation. The initial inflammation is followed by nausea, acute irritation, a strong urge to scratch and permanent skin tissue scarring (if proper treatment was not adhered to).

The overall duration of shingles isn’t long term. The disease can last for a few weeks or almost a month before it comes to a conclusive or much worse state. If prolonged shingles infection isn’t monitored, the situation can cause a person to experience severe nerve damage and a post herpetic stage, called neuralgia.

What is the Best Shingles Treatment?

We are not naming any names here. But in a general sense, the best shingles treatment is supposed to be the one that is cost effective, results in a perfectly clear skin and wont cause shingles to spread again. With that being said, the simplest treatment for shingles can be administered at home, without having to pay for a shingles vaccine.

Simply mix half cup of natural apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of water in a bowl. You can also mix aloe vera gel or leek juice to make the treatment more effective. Start by dipping a clean cotton swab in this solution and applying it to the infected areas. This kind of shingles treatment is perfect for people who are looking for a cheap natural treatment for shingles on face.

Shingles Vaccine – What to Know About It?

Shingles vaccine is readily available these days. You will have to go to a doctor or a privative medical practitioner to get a proper shot of shingles vaccine. This vaccine consists of a weakened form of live chicken pox virus. Yes, you will feel a little sick but this feeling is only temporary.

Are There any Shingles Vaccine Side Effects?

There are not specific cases where shingles vaccine side effects were noted. Every person has a different biological structure and skin tendencies to repent a disease, so you may not experience a shingles vaccine side effect as compared to other people getting the same treatment.

The most common “side effect” is reported as redness or irritation of the skin area where the vaccine injection was injected. That’s it. In the end, it is safe to say that shingles is viral and contagious ailment; however you can always find a treatment for it.

The cheapest shingles vaccine might not be the best thing for you. Therefore consult with your doctor or an expert who has experience dealing with cases similar to yours. Getting a second opinion from a dermatologist is also not a bad idea in the long run.


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